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Nick Ciubotariu

I am currently very happily employed at Amazon as a Software Development Manager and hands-on technical leader, managing 3 teams working on the largest distributed web service in the world. A bit about my background can be found below.

Amazon has been my home since March 2014. Previously, during 6 years at Microsoft, I was consistently ranked and recognized as one of Microsoft's most successful Engineers and managers, with a stellar calibration history and 3 Microsoft Bench (HiPo) nominations. Prior to Microsoft, I was a Senior Dev Engineer, Manager and Director at Reliant Energy, AlphaCircuits and BP. I also created and co-founded 2 start-ups: and

I specialize in: SOA, distributed applications, cloud computing, innovative engineering systems, and building highly technical, high performance teams.

I have shipped: VMM, Windows Server, Windows Phone, Visual Studio, SQL Server, MSDN, ASP.Net/TechNet, Windows/SQL Azure, and multiple internal and R & D applications.

Industry contributions: Founder, Council Chair, Cloud Compute Committee, Arizona Technology Council.

Random Fact: Technical Consultant for Tom Clancy's #1 NYT Best Sellers "Threat Vector" and "Support and Defend"

Some words that tell a story:

- Programming: C#, Java, C/C++, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, ASP.Net, T-SQL, Python
- OS: Windows and Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS)
- Cloud Compute: Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, OpenStack
- Frameworks: .NET, Spring, jQuery, Knockout, Angular, Node.js, CodeIgniter
- DBMS: SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL
- noSQL: memcacheDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra
- Virtualization: VMM, VMWare
- Storage: NAS - NetApp/SNAP and SAN - EMC

Nick Ciubotariu

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