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Azure Cloud Finance

Imagine that you launch the next great web application. You built a killer app that given just enough time will develop a cult following that will line your pocket books. The app has perfect code, perfect performance, and a fantastic future. Next, imagine that while you are just getting started with your sales and marketing efforts, the bills start rolling in for the cloud hosting services. It starts off slow at first, but as your usage grows and you begin to scale out, it gets more expensive. Then imagine a few more months down the road, you're spending more money on cloud hosting services than you are bringing in. Eventually, the cost of running the site just becomes too much and you close the site down. The Microsoft Azure cloud is a great hosting environment for your next big application, but just as important as a great design is a great understanding of the costs involved in cloud hosting. In this presentation, you will learn about how much cloud services will cost you and strategies that you can apply in your software designs to reduce the costs of hosting your applications. You will learn how to consider and plan for the financial effects of your application design in order to determine the optimal design to maximize your profits and return on investment.



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